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(Daying Juneng Technology and Development Co., Ltd)


大英聚能通过与科研单位的协作,成功开发了高表面功能化活性炭材料的生产技术,并已获得国家发明专利(ZL 2006 1 0022034.6)。该技术产品主要用作超级电容器(EDLC)和超级电容电池的电极材料。针对高性能超级电容器及电池,大英聚能成功开发了专用石墨烯材料。此外,高性能的复合导电剂、碳纤维和碳纳米管等材料也在开发测试过程中,开发产品应用于超级电容器和电池中,可以明显改善电池的容量发挥、循环寿命等性能。

公司总投资3000万元,建设产能达500 t/a的高表面功能化活性炭材料生产线。目前,一期工程已完成建设并成功投产,可满足200t/a的活性炭材料产能,产品可与国际顶级公司产品媲美。已投资2000万建成并投产规模为500 t/a(浆料级)、100 t/a(粉体级)超级电容器、锂离子电池等用特种石墨烯生产线。

Daying Juneng Technology and Development Co., Ltd is located at the industry zone of Daying Country, Suining City with a construction area of about 50,000 m2. As a high-tech company with independent intellectual property rights and core technologies, DayingJuneng is specialized in the technological development, manufacture and sales of advanced materials for new energy. The company has 85 employees, including one post Dr., four Dr.,five Masters, one professor expert and 30 staffs graduated from college. The R&D staffs comprise more than 50% of the total employees of the company.

Co-operating with leading institutes and colleges, DayingJuneng has successfully developed a technology to produce the top-quality high-surface activated carbon (patent No. CN200610022034.6), which is ideal for EDLC and supercapattery. To improve the performance of EDLC and supercapattery, DayingJuneng has also developed special graphene. Besides, high-performance composite conducts, carbon fibers and carbon nanotubes, which could improve the capacity and cycle life of batteries, are also in development.

The company plans to invest 30 million RMB in high-surface activated carbon and related energy storage devices. At present, an activated carbon production line for EDLC with capacity of 200 t/a has been accomplished, and the products’ quality rivals those of top-level companies in the world. Another 20 million RMB has been invested to produce 500t graphene slurry and 100t graphene powder for EDLC and supercapattery each year.


(Sichuan Newborn Power Manufacturing Co., Ltd)



        Sichuan Newborn Power Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established at Daying Industrial Development Zone of Sichuan Province in April 2013. As a hi-tech company, Sichuan Newborn is professionally engaged in the development and production of advanced energy storage devices, energy-storage system integration. Depending on the production technology of the high performance super-activated carbon independently PI-authorized to JUNENEG TECH., and the advanced supercapattery technology, and the first-ranking hi-tech. talents of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), NB POWER, since its establishment, has made great efforts to succeed in the development and mass production of advanced energy materials i.e., four series of supercapacitors and supercapatteries, including ALL-CARBON, LEAD-CARBON, NICKEL-CARBON and LITHIUM-CARBON for the POWER SYSTEMS and ENERGY STORAGE use, respectively. These includ dozens of shapes and sizes, such as the cylindrical and prismatic, and their applications cover from electronic consumer products to products, power tools, transportation, energy storage systems, and so on.

        DayingJuneng and NB POWER, complying with the principle of independent research, core technology controlling and standard leading, will exhaustively devote to build a complete industrial chain, which combines the production of advanced upstream energy materials and high performance supercapatteries to the integration of energy-storage systems, benefiting both the whole society and the human beings with the environmentally-friendly energy-storage products of high quality, high efficiency and low cost.


The aerial view of NB POWER’s manufacturing base

生产车间 / Production plant

石墨烯车间 / Graphene workshop